Testing interactions

Some initial tests of the kind of interactions we want. A little hard to make out via camera.


Some one sits on the far side of the bench and kind of says ‘I’m watching the world with you’. After 3 seconds the far third lights up from bottom to top to illuminate the person and then transitions to illuminate the other two thirds instead.


A person sits in a powerful looking T shape in the middle of the bench. At first this interaction starts like Stillman, Then at 28 s in the middle third illuminates top to bottom to reflect the powerful sitter. The top of the backrest gets sparkly, fanning out from the sitters head and then sparkles take over the rest of the bench, letting the sitter have a bit of a Jesus moment. We got a little creative trying to simulate a sparkly effect.


Two people sit next to each other on the bench. The bench likes to think there is a bit of some kind of love going on and sets an ambient mood. After sparkling on the top of the back rest same section of the sitters, it fully illuminates at 30 s then starts meandering, which is the effect that looks like roving shadows. The interaction is meant to be less intense, and transition from sparkle to meander showing an evolution of random sparky into smoother harmonious elements.

Soft glows

Resting state lights to invite people to interact.


1 year ago

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