That part about talking park benches

Something that perhaps wasn’t fully mentioned in the other posts was the intention to create not only a single, interactive park bench, but to suggest potentially an entire network of park benches that can sense and communicate occupancy.

Right from the beginning, we wanted park benches to ‘talk’ to each other. After all, the genesis of our project started off from the concept of loneliness in urban spaces. It is not without a sense of irony that we want to make these inanimate park benches communicate, rather than rely on the bench sitters to do so themselves. I liken this to a homage, to the plausibly transient moments of loneliness that evaporates when one leaves a bench, and that we are merely imbuing into each park bench the capacity to allow those moments of occupancy to linger across the benches. In this first iteration of When Echoes Find Light, we will work with just two park benches.

This map below briefly explains the reason for the TELEPATHIC light particles in each park bench to exist: it emanates a shifting, nebulous light whenever the other bench detects presence.

The jury’s still out as to how obvious these TELEPATHIC light particles should be, but we’ve got the ducks lined up for tackling this design question… I personally reckon that the simplest interactions are often the most moving.

A blue glow? Soft, emanating, growing intensity. Leaving an imprint, an echo of a stranger from the other bench, a memory of ‘other’.

1 year ago

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